Last night Grandma and Grandpa Vissers got into town.  We are all excited to see them, but of course, Abe is thrilled to show off for more people.  After they headed back to the hotel last night, I left Dad in charge to run a few errands.  When I got home everybody was tucked in bed and soundly sleeping.  That didn’t last for long though.  Abe woke up probably around 10:30.  And after a half an hour or so of playing he still showed no signs of tiredness, so I did let him get up and be my helper.  He was one energetic little boy and was delighting in telling me about all kinds of shapes and colors and numbers.


Finally, he started to show some signs of tiredness.  The picture above was taken at nearly 2 am when he was finally wearing down.  (And that is only a very slight exaggeration).


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