Turn yourself (or your computer) sideways again.

Grandma S
01/20/2011 7:55pm

I LOVE the video, however, you laugh when Grandma lets Abe put whatever he wants in the SHOPPING cart, AND, how would Abe know how to start a lawnmower? He just has to think about it a minute!

Grandma V
01/21/2011 3:55am

I LOVE the video too! Abe definitely got his dancing gene from his Dad!

Dani Jo
01/24/2011 11:49am

Did you know you can actually rotate videos using iMovie? Of course, then it either needs to be cropped or has empty space on the sides, and for me I can just turn my laptop... but just saying. :)
I love this one. Not sure if it is as good as "no thanks, good bye, go away" but close. :)


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