What do you think the point of education is?  I'm really interested in your thoughts, please leave a comment or else email me.

09/01/2010 7:36am

The book I am currently reading, 'Sustainability by Design', actually had some great comments on education. The author, John Ehrenfeld, is talking about how the only was to lead a truly sustainable life is through cultural change were we seek happiness rather than material satisfaction. He talks about how education has a key role in changing the western worlds addiction to consumption, and in turn produce true sustainability.

My favorite statement on education though states, "public education has departed from the Jeffersonian ideal of producing citizens who think critically about the society which they are responsible for shaping and instead focuses on producing workers and consumers."

A lot of the book is about how education is a way of shaping cultural, as well as individual, norms and beliefs. I think that is what education should be - about spiritual and moral development not just preparing people for the logistics of a job or lifestyle.

Well, you asked for thoughts on education... there is one! :)


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