I’ll go over my reasons later.  Now I’m antsy to get started, but figured chronicling this as I go along would be a good thing to do.

A few weeks ago, I sat down and made my menu plan.  I already had an idea of what recipes I would use, but it still took a while.  In the planning session I did breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Then I went through and included side items and looked at the days overall intake to see if I should switch any meals around.  Then comes making the lists and stuff.  I can go over that more, but 30daygourmet has some great steps and worksheets to get you started.

Friday I looked over ads and made my list for Sam’s club and the grocery stores.  Saturday we did our grocery shopping.  Most of it anyways.  This morning I made a run to smiths for the stuff that I still needed or that was cheaper there (because of the sale it was cheaper to buy a whole bunch of small cottage cheese containers rather than a big one).

Now, I’m ready to start browning my ground beef.  It is about a quarter to nine.  The kids are here playing.  The kitchen has been picked up and organized.  Trash bags are all over.  I’m trying a new method to see how this goes.  I’m browning it in a pot of water.  After today’s session, I may have to start watching prices for a big stockpot.

9:15 Realized my pot might not be big enough.  Called Erin to see if I could borrow one from her when she brings Taryn over.  Started beans.  I should have probably started the beans last night.

10:40…Alright so far,  I’ve gotten two bags of onions chopped (about 1 gallon).  I’ve got that mess cleaned up.  The kiddos have had snack.  The ground beef is in the pot.  And now, I’m going to grab a snack while it’s cooking!

1:00 6 bags of Mexican meat, 1 mama and 3 toddlers fed and cleaned up.  2 big toddlers down for nap and now I’m going to start the next meal with my sous chef, Avery.

Well, I didn’t get much of an afternoon update and it’ll basically have to wait.  I didn’t get as much done today as I set out to do, but I still feel pretty productive.  The Lord really sustained me through the day.  I learned some new things (boiling ground beef, handling sirloin), I cared for three toddlers, and I got 6 packs of Mexican meat made up, 8 Stir Fry Steak Salsa Verde meals, Non-fried refried beans ready to go and and I’m ready for another day.  Tomorrow will have to wait though, unless I just do one batch of something, since I’m subbing and it is Bible study night.

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