Jesus Calling: 365 Devotions for Kids by Sarah Young

This book was provided by Thomas Nelson as part of there BookSneeze program.  And while I got to choose it from what was available at the time, I have had a difficult time working through it.  Each day has an individual title, a scripture verse, roughly 3-5 paragraphs and then some “read on your own” verses.  The reason I had such a difficult time working through this book is the paragraphs.  They are written in a way that is appropriate for most 3rd-6th graders, but they are written in a style that requires the reader to read it as if it is God actually speaking (or writing) the words directly to him/her.  I am not a big fan of this, and I also have a difficult time with it because the best way to know what God wants to say to us both individually and corporately is by reading His Word, the Bible.


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