Yesterday was another appointment with the midwife.  All things seem to be going well still, thank the Lord.  We still don’t know whether this little one is going to be a girl or a boy and we’re excited to find out when he or she gets here.  Abe did a great job just playing with the toys in the office and then coming over to pay attention when Mommy got her blood pressure taken and we listened to the baby’s heartbeat.  I’m still measuring a little bit ahead, but now that the baby is head down, I’m only 3 inches instead of 4 inches ahead.  When she started feeling around she said my tummy was pretty tight, like I was maybe having a mini-contraction, which is no big deal, but she really had to push and poke my stomach to feel how the baby was positioned.  After the poking and pinching, I went to sit back up and I am pretty sure I had one real contraction.  Not a big deal, except I wasn’t expecting it and the pain really caught me off guard.  We’re looking forward to seeing this little one face to face.  We just wonder, when will he or she get here?



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