We had another appointment with Margie.  I'm very happy with how Abe will play with the toys all throughout the appointment and not get into trouble.  We still have a little bit of work to do on interrupting.  But part of me thinks it is cute to how he'll bring in a toy to show Margie, take it up to her and say "Marggg, Marggg."  But, I know now is the best chance to teach him and train him correctly.

First Margie told me this is going to be a chunky baby.  She said if she had to guess he or she is already 7 or 8 pounds.  Then she measured me, thought she was wrong and measured me again with the same results.  I measured in at 41 cm.  (Typically these measurements correspond with weeks.  I've been consistently ahead for the past few months with this one, but I was right on track with Abe).  So the most likely possibilities are that either a)this is going to be a big baby or b)he or she is going to come pretty soon.  I'm so thankful I can just trust in the Lord's timing, but it would be kind of fun if he or she comes on Saturday (Dani Jo and Uncle Ick's wedding day!).

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