Yesterday was a long day.  We spent the day at hospital doing a lot of waiting.  There are many things I am thankful for though.  Here are just a few of them: a surgery that while slow, seems to be coming out ok; a great friend who I can absolutely trust my son with; other fantastic friends who were more than willing to help out if we needed; a yummy casserole; an iPod and a cell phone; family and many more things.  Here's the story of our "adventure."

Sunday night Josh was feeling pretty cruddy.  I, being the wonderful wife that I am, didn't have a lot of sympathy for him, I thought it was just that second bowl of ice cream that he had.  But after a very sleepless, painful night for him and checking out the symptoms online we decided bright and early that we should probably take him in.  The symptoms were very much in line with everything we read about appendicitis, and that wasn't something we thought we should mess with.   

We headed to the Emergency Room.  I thought it might be busy since it was still before hours anywhere, but nope, we basically got right in.  We spent the morning doing tests and more tests as they drugged Josh up and pricked him, x-rayed him and wheeled him around.  Thankfully, though, he was able to start getting a little rest as pain medications started to help.  My friend, Shannon, came to pick up Abe for us sometime between 8 and 9.  Around noon, they confirmed what we had expected.  Appendicitis.  And a few other "minor" things that were probably just a result of his body slowing down because of the appendicitis.  After Josh gave the OK to take it ok, the doc wanted to do it as soon as possible, but it turns out the surgeon must have had a busy afternoon.  Late afternoon they took us over to OR.  The surgeon had told me it was actually only a 10-20 minute procedure and then 45 min-1 hour in OR recovery before going to the regular recover.  He'd come and fill me in on how the surgery went and let me know he was in OR recover once it was done. I stayed with him until they told me they were taking him to the Operating Room.  2 hours later the doc came and let me know he was out of surgery and would be in the recovery room for 45 min-1 hour.  I went to go get Abe since it was late, it was bedtime and it was nice for this very hungry, very preggo, getting emotional momma to have her son to keep entertained while waiting for Daddy.  An hour and a half after the doc came, a nurse to tell me they were getting ready to move him to a different room.  While she meant good, she was way too cheery in the fake sort of way, and wouldn't give me answers to what I really wanted to know.  Like...what do you mean "He didn't like the anes?"  How was it that he didn't handle it well.  Can I just have a straight answer?  And when you gave him more meds to handle the other meds and tell me that he doesn't look like we know him, does that mean you sedated him or what?

The nurse upstairs was a little bit more helpful, but she didn't know quite as much.  She filled me in on the fact that they were giving him steroids because he wasn't doing well with the oxygen.  She took me to find the Respitorary guy so he could tell me what was going with that.  He had temporarily gone missing though.  They wheeled Josh past us.  He didn't recognize us at all and he didn't look good.  We went in to kiss him goodnight and headed home way past this little boys bed time and way thankful for the casserole that would finally give momma some food.

This morning Josh is finally coming out of the anes and looks a little more like himself.  The surgeon will be in sometime between surgeries to check on him.  And hopefully, we'll get to bring him home sometime before bedtime and even more hopefully sometime before baby comes.

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