Our night didn't go at all as we had thought it would.  Abe had a blast with one of Daddy's students.  Joel and his brother buddied up.  Abe got all kinds of "loot."  Joel didn't get to stay the whole time, but knew exactly what kind of candy he wanted to try when we got home.  (Whoppers...mean mom said no).
You might be wondering where the bear is?  Well if you asked Abe what he was dressed his response would be "A bear and a bumblebee."  

Grandma S
11/02/2011 6:33pm

So cute! Joel doesn't look happy, was Mom already saying no candy?

11/05/2011 2:50am

Cutest pumpkin and bumblebee I've ever seen!

03/27/2012 6:21pm

Great info, thanks

03/31/2012 10:06pm

Many thanks for info


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