I fully acknowledge that I am the mom, and therefore have quite the bias, but I'm proud of my guys.  And I'm going to do a little bragging.  Here are some things that our 2 year old has been doing this week:
  •  Telling me when he needs to use the bucket (aka potty) and then actually using it.  (I might post more on that later). 
  • Sitting quietly on the blanket to look at his books so that he could stay with Dad and Marion as they had their meeting. 
  • Counting to 10.  Saying his colors (although he still sometimes confuses the B ones if you ask him to say the name). 
  • And telling me the next letter in the alphabet.  This one really surprised me because besides "normal" stuff, I really haven't even tried to work with on the order of the alphabet.
And Joel is continuing to grow, both in size and personality.  Many of his 3-6 month outfits are in the box on top of the dresser to be packed up.  And you can see he's got his baby fat, but it's the length that has caused us to move up in size for most of his outfits.
He's staying awake and alert for longer periods and giggling and smiling a lot more, but his biggest developmental thing this week is that he's rolling over.  I admit I have actually seen him do it (I think he waits for me to be looking somewhere else), but we've seen him come close and I've laid him on his tummy only to see him on his back a little bit later.

So yes, I'm a proud mama.  But aren't they just so loveable.  ;-)

Grandama S
09/24/2010 1:06pm

Cool dude in the shades!! I love both of these pictures of the boys! You should be a proud Mom Because I'm a proud Grandma!


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