I'd been working on some sewing projects when I ran into an obstacle with my sewing machine.  This week it finally got fixed (don't ask me how, only the good Lord knows!) and I was able to finish some of the projects up.  I was able to make a couple of blankets/sheets for the pack 'n play, reusable nursing pads, a maternity shirt and a basketball similar to Abe's football from Jackie and Crew.  Abe thinks the basketball is pretty cool and hopefully new baby will too; if it is a girl, I'd like to try to make a strawberry.  We'll see what this week ends up looking like and/or whether or not Baby is a girl or a boy.  (I'm going to post a pic of the basketball, but I need to upload first, so hopefully in the next day or two.)

07/17/2010 8:12pm

How fun! I'm glad you were able to finish some things up. If baby does end up being a girl, I still have the pattern for Avery's flower taggie if you're interested in doing a flower shaped one too. :)


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