Today was our first day of school!  All morning Abe was excited for Katelyn to come over for preschool.  He kept talking about it and asking where she was. Finally, school time arrived.
We did some singing and some dancing.  We worked on motor skills and manners.  We did lots of playing and had lots of fun.  Neither one of them were very found with the painting and that is OK with me!  I used the new crayola finger paint.  I didn't like it.  And it seemed like it had to be used as finger paint rather than brush paint.  So, the painting didn't last long.  Oh well, at least there wasn't a big mess to clean up.
Our theme this week is the Letter A and Apples.  ANd 

Grandma S
09/28/2010 2:20pm

I'm glad the 1st day of preschool went well. Is it once a week?


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