Grandma and Grandpa have been such a blessing to us, especially this week. I don't know what I would have done without them!  From a sleepover that turned into a week at Grandma and Grandpa's, to bringing over lunch for a hungry momma and of course, letting us eat supper and then dash away with a crying baby before helping clean up.  THANK YOU Grandma and Grandpa for all your help this week!
May Day was our first visit to the beach this year.  Adam, Josh's cousin, spent a day with us on his way through.  Joel moved to sleeping in a big bed.  And Abe the boys got to play games at the Literacy Fair at Dad's school.  Of course, May also welcomed Eden, but I'm sure I'll try to give her several of her own posts.
Here's a photo from Sunday afternoon and the quick version of the birth story.  

My water broke Sunday morning.  We spent Sunday and Monday trying to accomplish things and not think about the fact that labor wasn't happening.

Monday night, labor started around 6:15.  Things progressed quickly.  Eden joined us at 10:25 pm.

A longer version for those interested may be coming shortly, we'll see.  ;-)

Eden Gladys Vissers
May 28, 2012
10:25 pm
7 lbs 11 oz
19.5 inches
He is Risen! 
March saw the arrival of Grandpa & Grandma Sponder to Arizona.  Josh helped by driving a moving truck down from MN.  Gma and Gpa stayed here a few days while the closing of the house came through.  Once they were in they pretty much started work on the pool, spent their days unpacking boxes and watched the grandboys be totally thrilled with playing in the mud.

We also got a visit from Dani Jo!  Yay!  Abe loved having her here (we all did).  We celebrated her birthday.  And we got to visit Topshop, her employer, in Las Vegas.  Now I sort of know what she does.
Today, apparently, was leap year AND team day.
And just a reminder that my boys like to climb...
I've gotten way behind on here.  You've probably given up staying up-to-date with our family.  Here's a quick flashback to the last month and a half.
*We found out "It's a girl!"  She has been affectionately named Little Sister by her biggest brother.  We had a great day in Vegas with a friend of mine getting the ultrasound.  If I figure out how, I might post the video...but would you really care to see what might appear to be blurry movement?  The boys enjoy watching though!
*Grandma and Grandpa from Minnesota sold their house and, SURPRISE, are moving in 9 miles from us.  
*Josh finished up another basketball season'--"the most fun I've had yet"--are his words to describe this season.
*Josh has been doing some more teaching at church. 
*My day to day stuff is full of joy and smiles but kind of mundane to talk about.  Still lots of room for improvement and for the Lord to teach and shape me.  (neverending).  Joel shows that he's ready to start with potty training.  I'm waiting for timing.  I've also discovered that we think I am hypoglycemic (low blood sugar).  It's something I probably always have, but pregnancy, perhaps exaggerates it.  So I've been learning about that and shift my habits so they control and regulate that more effectively.
We got to meet with the midwife who is moving out here today.  We talked for a long husband had lots of questions, and then on to the exciting stuff!  The heartbeat sounded was bouncing between 135-145.  My blood pressure was a smidge high, but I felt myself tense up instead of calm down when we did that.  And I measured at 17 cm.  That was really exciting for me because I measured ahead al