Since my sister over at Beautiful Changing Life gave us a virtual tour of her home, I thought I'd give you a small tour of our home...well, our living room at least.  It is all I snapped pictures of.
If I waited until our house was picked up how I wish it always was then I would probably never get this post published.  So, enjoy the pictures.  This is our living room, as is.

Picture one: Our treadmill is the big black thing.  It folds up and down.  It doesn't get used as often as I wish it did, but it does get used a little.  That is better than never.  In front of the treadmill there are two boxes of blocks and a box of alphabet/number square mats (the famous amos box).  Those should be stored between the wall and the treadmill, but right now I have the magazines from cleaning out my collection sitting there needing to be handed out or recycled.  In front of the window we have a big storage box with blankets, pillows and big trucks and fire engines inside of it.  On top of the storage box is the changing mat and diapering supplies.

Picture two: Our entry is storing the 12 box compartment with toys in it right now.  So far, I am really liking having it out here and it seems like Abe is starting to get the hang of just getting one or two boxes out at a time.  My purses are squeezed between the toys and wall closet.  On the other side we have a box for little kid shoes.  Abe does a very good job at putting his shoes away in the box most of the time, unlike Mom or Dad who too often leave shoes cluttering the entry.

Picture three: An easel for coloring.  A (homemade) calendar for learning the days of the week or calendar type stuff.  The cork board just got moved from the laundry room so it actually still has my laundry tip sheet up on it.  Things often get done one step at a time here.  And the bookshelf with just some of our favorite or most used books and our kids CDs.

Picture four: Our tv area.  It is really cluttered right now.  I tried moving the stereo over there to see how it worked.  As you can see, it doesn't really work.  I need to move it back. The basket on the floor with the movies usually sits on top of the DVD player.  The fan gets moved around as needed (it is after all, summer in the desert).

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