Announcing Joel Kyle Vissers.  
Born 7:22 am after a quick labor and some shoulder dystocia we're happy to meet him finally!  
Here are some stats:
11 lbs
21 inches
15 3/4 head circumference
16 chest
More to come later... 

Jennie Mae
07/22/2010 12:47pm

Congratulations Mandi, Josh and Abe! Happy Birthday Joel! What a wonderful day! Love 'ya!

07/22/2010 2:43pm

Congratulations! I'm so glad he's here safe and sound. Looking at the stats I'm certainly amazed!! You must be super woman, Mandi! :) Can't wait to meet Joel!

Steve and Marijo
07/22/2010 2:54pm

Congratulations on your new baby boy! It sounds like both mother and baby are doing well which we are thrilled to hear. We look forward to meeting the newest addition to the family!

Laura S.
07/22/2010 7:51pm

Oh, my gosh, 11 pounds!!! Mandi, you're amazing!!! Congratulations, you guys, your family is beautiful! :)


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