My goal this morning was to make a couple batches of cookies, granola and granola bars.  I set out all my ingredients on the kitchen table this morning.  At the time, I was thinking they would all be put away in just a short while.  My ingredients are still sitting on the kitchen table.  I have not gotten any of the above mentioned done.  I should be working on them now. But instead I am sitting here with this handsome little fellow...
Wondering why nearly ten hours later my cookies still aren't bake.  Well, other than the fact that right now I'm playing with Joel and typing this post, it has something to do with the fact, that my oldest son had a rather untypical day.  He displayed much more naughtiness than his mother likes, that is for sure. He was taking toys and even pushing one of his little friends this morning.  The pushing was done good natured-ly, but still not ok and not something I want to see him repeating.  Nap time was a tear-wrencher today and he didn't actually go down for his nap til just a while ago this evening (of course, right as Joel is waking from his).  Oh, and this is one of other reasons...
Yes, that is my son, hiding his face from you because he's very quickly managed to dump handfuls of baking soda all around him.  Oh, the joys...
While part of me misses the beautiful fall colors and pulling out sweatshirts and jackets, I do enjoy where we are right now.  And that includes the rare rainstorm and the awesome, full, double rainbows that usually accompany them.
NFL football season is here.  Even though we cheer for the Vikings, we dress like we like the Bears.
Two cute kids...
And Abe wanted Joel on the floor so he could play trains with him.
Our littlest guy is teething.  Yes, teething.  Already. And it isn't even the front tooth.  It is one kind of "around the bend."  I definitely felt it.  I couldn't believe it.  I made Dad feel it too.  He confirmed that indeed he felt a tooth there too.  Wow.  Already.  My baby is growing up so fast.  ;-D
*Update:  I can feel THREE teeth and very clearly see one.  But none are the front ones.  
I fully acknowledge that I am the mom, and therefore have quite the bias, but I'm proud of my guys.  And I'm going to do a little bragging.  Here are some things that our 2 year old has been doing this week:
  •  Telling me when he needs to use the bucket (aka potty) and then actually using it.  (I might post more on that later). 
  • Sitting quietly on the blanket to look at his books so that he could stay with Dad and Marion as they had their meeting. 
  • Counting to 10.  Saying his colors (although he still sometimes confuses the B ones if you ask him to say the name). 
  • And telling me the next letter in the alphabet.  This one really surprised me because besides "normal" stuff, I really haven't even tried to work with on the order of the alphabet.
And Joel is continuing to grow, both in size and personality.  Many of his 3-6 month outfits are in the box on top of the dresser to be packed up.  And you can see he's got his baby fat, but it's the length that has caused us to move up in size for most of his outfits.
He's staying awake and alert for longer periods and giggling and smiling a lot more, but his biggest developmental thing this week is that he's rolling over.  I admit I have actually seen him do it (I think he waits for me to be looking somewhere else), but we've seen him come close and I've laid him on his tummy only to see him on his back a little bit later.

So yes, I'm a proud mama.  But aren't they just so loveable.  ;-)
Joel wasn't going to visit the doctor again for a few weeks, but his legs sometimes turn blue.  Really, really blue.  It doesn't seem to bother him.  He doesn't get cranky or crabby or seem otherwise sick.  I move him to a different position and the color comes back.  But still, his legs turn blue.  So we called the doctor and the doctor said (what else) "Come on in!"  After a very long wait in the waiting room (us arriving early and doctor running behind) and a sick girl plopping herself right in the middle of the little boat for kids to climb on, we finally got back to see the doctor. They checked his heart, (good), took him pulse in his leg and arm (96/56 & 108/56), checked his oxygen levels (98% and 86%), and checked his pulse around his middle.  All seemed well.  The doctor says he should probably just grow out of it and to continue doing what I was doing.  His height and weight stats were 14 lbs 7 oz (off the chart) and 23.5 inches long (94th percentile).
This past Sunday was August 22nd.  That meant the one month mark for Joel.  
We didn't get to measuring his length, but his unofficial weight is about 15 pounds.  
He's certainly staying awake and alert for longer stretches of time.  Most of the time he's pretty laid back and he already enjoys the water.
The picture isn't the best, I think he was probably making a funny face at big brother, but the pic is one of the only ones that I actually took on Sunday.

We have never really called Abe by his full name.  Sometimes we sing him a dorky little song that we made up with his full name in it, just so that he will know his name is more than just Abe. 

And I guess we haven’t really called Joel by his full name either.  If it isn’t Joel, or baby Joel, it is one of the other nicknames we’ve already created for him.   Last week we ran in to a couple from our old church.  They knew Kyle and they'd heard about Joel.  They made a comment such as "This must be Joel Kyle."  Big brother was paying attention.  The rest of the afternoon he was telling us "Joel Kyle."  It looks like this little guy might end up going by more than just a nickname.  We'll see what sticks.

Baby Joel is here.  Wow, it went quickly!  One minute I was thinking ok, this really is labor. I should wake Josh.  The next minute my body is screaming at me to push.  Daddy was a little freaked out and was on the phone with the midwife trying not to panic, but he did great, mom is doing well and baby Joel is safely here.  God is good.