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I walked into a gigantic hair dryer today so we know that summer is officially here.  Swimming lessons and trips to the river help us play outside a bit during the day while staying reasonably cool.  Here are some (adorable) pictures of little brother.  Big brother pics will be coming soon.
Now, tomorrow Joel will be 7 months already, but I thought you might enjoy this picture I took when he celebrated 6 months.
And a couple more...
We took a trip to visit Santa today.  A neat little thing was that we ended up in line right behind an old friend of mine and her little boy.
And Saturday we got to meet two reindeer.  These reindeer were 8 months old which is like a teenager as far as reindeer go.  They both had antlers just a week or two ago, but got in a scuffle and knocked each others off.
Joel Kyle had his first real feeding yesterday.  Banana Sauce.  Yum delicious!
Joel Kyle is 4 months old.  We aren’t planning to have his next check-up for about another month, but he weighs in right around 18 or 18.5 pounds and on November 5th he measured 27 ¾ inches long.  (Abe came in at 35 ½ inches.)  He’s also blowing raspberries and talking, kicking and playing up a storm lately.

Sunday, November 7, 2010 Joel Kyle Vissers was formally dedicated to the Lord in a service at Calvary Chapel Needles. 

I know what you probably think when you think cloth diaper.  And I don’t blame you.  That is what I thought too.  But when I was reading up on eczema, I read some on cloth diapers and was intrigued.  They’ve come a long way from the old days.  I never tried them.  I do enough “weird” things, I don’t need to add one more to my list.  They definitely do require the money for the an initial expense.  And I have never known anybody who used them.  But… we were just given some very nice, brand new cloth diapers (and accessories) by a lady who is moving on to a new venture.  (I know, most of you just read the blog for pictures of the kiddos, but if you are interested check out while she clearances her last supplies). So far, I’m liking them. They really aren’t bad.  In fact, there are only a couple of differences that I am noticing 1)they go in the pail for laundry rather than the landfill and 2) They are kind of like an accessory if I want them to be.  There is no law that says you can’t go back and forth with disposables if you want to.  Let your diapers serve you rather than serving your diapers.  So yes, I was really excited by the new diapers and the chance to try them.  Yes, I am actually really liking them, as far as diapers go.  Yes, I am using disposables still too. And yes, I wish I had known this lady and her business before she was closing down—she even has a link to really out there stuff like homebirths (who does that ;-))  So now, check out how cute my youngest son is sporting one of his new diapers.