We took a trip to visit Santa today.  A neat little thing was that we ended up in line right behind an old friend of mine and her little boy.
And Saturday we got to meet two reindeer.  These reindeer were 8 months old which is like a teenager as far as reindeer go.  They both had antlers just a week or two ago, but got in a scuffle and knocked each others off.
Grandma and Grandpa Sponder were here last week.  Grandpa and Dad were somewhere.  Abe was napping, or just finishing napping.  I went into my bedroom with Joel, Grandma went to use the restroom.  Gma heard the refrigerator door open and knew I had just gone to feed Joel.  But when she came out Abe was NOT in the ketchup.  Where did she find him?  In the middle of his bedroom floor with the mustard and ketchup.
In case you missed it, there is a button for the preschool page on the top right hand side.  Click it periodically to see what is going on in preschool for us.
Nothing like getting a little boy wound up before bed.  We were laughing so hard tonight I had to get up and go grab the video camera.  Abe was running in circles around Josh and started saying “No thanks.  Go away.  Good-bye” over and over again.  Here is what I caught on video.

This past Saturday my friend Lizzie came down to visit.  We had a great time having her down here.  Abe was excited for Lizzie all morning.  But somewhere along the ride to the park he forgot her name.  Or just decided on a heartfelt nickname.  Lizzie became Lou-la and Abe now has another friend he is very fond of.

And when I tried to take a picture of him today wearing his new shirt, he did not want a picture.  When I told him it was for LouLa, he was suddenly all about it, totally hamming it up for the camera.  Can you guess what he had just eaten for breakfast?  If you guessed PB & J, you were right.

Thanks for the package Grandma and Grandpa S.  Bear with me, as I am learning how to do the video...
The neighbors down the street were having a garage sale this past weekend and so we decided we would have one too.  We cleared out some stuff and got some more stuff.  What?  Yes, I asked Katelyn's mom if they wanted to bring over anything when they came and I ended buying a couple of things from her.  An umbrella and a xylophone.  Abe was absolutely having a blast with the xylophone and it will be good for music during preschool time.  But in two year old speak xylophone sounds remarkably like iPhone.  So, if you didn't know better, you'd think Abe is asking where he iPhone is or telling you he is going to go play with his iPhone.  No, we did not buy an iPhone for our two year old.
Last night Grandma and Grandpa Vissers got into town.  We are all excited to see them, but of course, Abe is thrilled to show off for more people.  After they headed back to the hotel last night, I left Dad in charge to run a few errands.  When I got home everybody was tucked in bed and soundly sleeping.  That didn’t last for long though.  Abe woke up probably around 10:30.  And after a half an hour or so of playing he still showed no signs of tiredness, so I did let him get up and be my helper.  He was one energetic little boy and was delighting in telling me about all kinds of shapes and colors and numbers.


Finally, he started to show some signs of tiredness.  The picture above was taken at nearly 2 am when he was finally wearing down.  (And that is only a very slight exaggeration).

Does this remind anyone of "Chew it up."
My goal this morning was to make a couple batches of cookies, granola and granola bars.  I set out all my ingredients on the kitchen table this morning.  At the time, I was thinking they would all be put away in just a short while.  My ingredients are still sitting on the kitchen table.  I have not gotten any of the above mentioned done.  I should be working on them now. But instead I am sitting here with this handsome little fellow...
Wondering why nearly ten hours later my cookies still aren't bake.  Well, other than the fact that right now I'm playing with Joel and typing this post, it has something to do with the fact, that my oldest son had a rather untypical day.  He displayed much more naughtiness than his mother likes, that is for sure. He was taking toys and even pushing one of his little friends this morning.  The pushing was done good natured-ly, but still not ok and not something I want to see him repeating.  Nap time was a tear-wrencher today and he didn't actually go down for his nap til just a while ago this evening (of course, right as Joel is waking from his).  Oh, and this is one of other reasons...
Yes, that is my son, hiding his face from you because he's very quickly managed to dump handfuls of baking soda all around him.  Oh, the joys...