Here's a photo from Sunday afternoon and the quick version of the birth story.  

My water broke Sunday morning.  We spent Sunday and Monday trying to accomplish things and not think about the fact that labor wasn't happening.

Monday night, labor started around 6:15.  Things progressed quickly.  Eden joined us at 10:25 pm.

A longer version for those interested may be coming shortly, we'll see.  ;-)

Baby Joel is here.  Wow, it went quickly!  One minute I was thinking ok, this really is labor. I should wake Josh.  The next minute my body is screaming at me to push.  Daddy was a little freaked out and was on the phone with the midwife trying not to panic, but he did great, mom is doing well and baby Joel is safely here.  God is good.
Yes, today is/was the due date.  And no, while the day is not over yet, there is still no appearance of Baby.  Abe was late (2 days or 10 days, depending on the OB or the midwife due date), but still I don't think any of us really expected us to get to the due date this time.  
We had another appointment with Margie.  I'm very happy with how Abe will play with the toys all throughout the appointment and not get into trouble.  We still have a little bit of work to do on interrupting.  But part of me thinks it is cute to how he'll bring in a toy to show Margie, take it up to her and say "Marggg, Marggg."  But, I know now is the best chance to teach him and train him correctly.

First Margie told me this is going to be a chunky baby.  She said if she had to guess he or she is already 7 or 8 pounds.  Then she measured me, thought she was wrong and measured me again with the same results.  I measured in at 41 cm.  (Typically these measurements correspond with weeks.  I've been consistently ahead for the past few months with this one, but I was right on track with Abe).  So the most likely possibilities are that either a)this is going to be a big baby or b)he or she is going to come pretty soon.  I'm so thankful I can just trust in the Lord's timing, but it would be kind of fun if he or she comes on Saturday (Dani Jo and Uncle Ick's wedding day!).