Eden hasn't taken quite to nursing like her brothers did.  Or at least as I remember it.  She's a sleepy little girl, and it seems like maybe it is a cycle.  Not eat enough, be sleepy.  Be sleepy, not want to wake to eat more.  And she hasn't perfected the latch, so we've had some painful moments.  But we put our eyes on Christ and He is the answer and He supplies the answer.  So...we tried a couple expressed bottles today.  It as nice to see how much she took and have a little relief from the pain. And she's starting to get it down a little better too.

Grandma S
06/05/2012 3:31pm

Not to mention that Grandma Loves to feed her. She's a precious little bundle!

06/07/2012 1:06pm

Not to mention Grandma looks pretty! I don't think I will be wrinkle-free in 30 years :-(


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