For any of you who might keep checking in to see if Baby is here yet, no you didn't miss it.  And no, we haven't forgotten to update.  Since Baby isn't here yet, we did schedule another appt with the midwife.  No new news to report though.  Basically we expected a report somewhat like this, "You are big and baby will be here soon."  That is what we got.  I woke up this morning thinking maybe today was the day, but now am feeling extremely "normal."  I guess we'll do some more cleaning and make cupcakes for Daddy's birthday.


07/14/2010 5:17pm

I've been wondering if you ended up going to Vegas today for your appointment. I hope s/he comes in the next 3 days!! :) Keep us posted.

Grandma S
07/14/2010 5:34pm

I'm still in the pool! Josh and Baby can share a Birthday!

Grandma V
07/15/2010 6:00am

We hope the baby comes soon,too. Today would be nice! What a great b-day present for daddy!

Jennie Mae
07/15/2010 2:33pm

I check everyday to see if there is an update, excited to hear news!


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