Obviously, no new baby yet.  And too be honest, I had to do an attitude re-adjustment earlier this week.  At my appt the Tuesday before Dani Jo's wedding, I measured 41 cm and my midwife said she guessed the baby felt 7 or 8 pounds.  I've already gained the same amount of weight that I gained with Abe.  I'm not bingeing or eating too much terrible stuff, but my weight gain is definitely to the point where the OB I saw through most of Abe's pregnancy would be doing major scolding.  (Of course, he never asked about what I was eating or how I was exercising...and I did loose it all plus some over the course of things after Abe's birth).  So anyways, I guess I had set my hopes on having the baby Dani Jo's wedding weekend more than I realized.  I woke Sunday morning feeling pretty crumby and out of sorts, which of course let me to think maybe it was the day.  I was pretty uncomfortable a large part of the next couple of days.  But I realized my "bad attitude" a little bit later on in the week.  I'm back to walking, swimming and trusting that whenever the Lord's timing is it will be right and I might as well enjoy things as they are for the time being.  So...no baby yet. 

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