It has been my family's tradition to have attend church, have a nice dinner and then open gifts on Christmas Eve.  Here are some photos from this year. 
Dani Jo and Uncle Nick want to take Abe sledding, but while they were celebrating with Nick's family today, we took Abe for a couple of test runs...
He also tried to start a snowball fight with Grandpa.
May the birth of Christ touch your heart and bless you this year!
We took a trip to visit Santa today.  A neat little thing was that we ended up in line right behind an old friend of mine and her little boy.
And Saturday we got to meet two reindeer.  These reindeer were 8 months old which is like a teenager as far as reindeer go.  They both had antlers just a week or two ago, but got in a scuffle and knocked each others off.
We arrived back in Minnesota for one final time Friday night.  This is Abe's story time with Grandpa and Dani Jo at 2 am.
Abe wasn't allowed to bring any of his animals either (he loves his animals!).  I told him Grandma had kitties and bears.  He looked forward to meeting them.  
Joel Kyle had his first real feeding yesterday.  Banana Sauce.  Yum delicious!