Last night Josh was doing bath duty while I was working on the computer.  For whatever reason, he just wanted to give the boys separate baths.  He told Joel that it wasn't his turn yet.  A few minutes later he went to get something (a towel, I don't know...) only to come back and find Joel in the tub with his big brother, fully clothed, shoes and everything.  If only I had a picture you'd be able to enjoy the story more.
Josh has a new up-and-coming basketball site.  If you are interested check it out.

(A Saguaro is a giant cactus.  Look it up.  Josh jokingly said, "We're a bunch of pricks...  :-/  )
Turkey morning I went to make some Rhodes Cinnamon Rolls.  Thankfully, they do NOT require a preheated oven.  I turned on the oven, opened it and TA-DA found Joel's stuffed Winnie the Pooh.  Joelky isn't quite big enough to open the oven so he was "off the hook."  When brother was questioned as to why Winnie the Pooh was in the oven  he simply shrugged his shoulders and matter of factly replied, "I wanted to cook him in to a turkey."

Hope your turkey has a different kind of stuffing today.  Happy Thanksgiving!
In the car last night, I'm pretty sure Abe said:
"Dad, stop singing.  You're giving my teddy bear a headache."
Here is the link to some belated September photos:
September Photos
Our night didn't go at all as we had thought it would.  Abe had a blast with one of Daddy's students.  Joel and his brother buddied up.  Abe got all kinds of "loot."  Joel didn't get to stay the whole time, but knew exactly what kind of candy he wanted to try when we got home.  (Whoppers...mean mom said no).
You might be wondering where the bear is?  Well if you asked Abe what he was dressed his response would be "A bear and a bumblebee."