So much to be thankful for!  I read recently about a lady who had started a list of 1000 "Gifts" or things she has been given by the Lord that she is thankful for.  I haven't started a list like that, although I think it would be a neat thing to do.  But here are some things I am thankful for from this year:  
1) A husband who seeks the Lord
2) Wonderful parents who have been such a blessing
3) That our God answers prayers
4) For a midwife who arrived "in the knick of time"
5) Two healthy sons
6) Friends for myself and for my boys
7) Josh's job and the Lord's provision
Those are just some of the top ones, but there are many many others.  What are you thankful for?
Joel Kyle is 4 months old.  We aren’t planning to have his next check-up for about another month, but he weighs in right around 18 or 18.5 pounds and on November 5th he measured 27 ¾ inches long.  (Abe came in at 35 ½ inches.)  He’s also blowing raspberries and talking, kicking and playing up a storm lately.

It is finally feeling like fall here.  This morning was cloudy, cool, gray and breezy and it was great!  Evening though I am feeling quite a bit “under the weather,” we spent an hour or more at the park this morning after going to the library.  (Abe knows they are both close and he knows when to tell Dad to turn to get there!)  I remembered to pull out my camera and since I wasn’t running around playing, I snapped quite a few photos.  Enjoy!

After a great week with Grandpa and Grandma they had to say good-bye and hit the road.  Here are a couple of pictures from the morning they stopped by to say good-bye (and eat Humbertos one more time).

Grandma and Grandpa Sponder were here last week.  Grandpa and Dad were somewhere.  Abe was napping, or just finishing napping.  I went into my bedroom with Joel, Grandma went to use the restroom.  Gma heard the refrigerator door open and knew I had just gone to feed Joel.  But when she came out Abe was NOT in the ketchup.  Where did she find him?  In the middle of his bedroom floor with the mustard and ketchup.
My parents are moving to Tennessee.  In the interim between MN and TN they came down here 1)to see their grandsons 2)to see their daughter and son-in-law 3)to get rid of some of the “junk” their eldest daughter had left to store at their house.

I don’t have any cute pictures of our little guys dressed up in costumes, but I do have a few very cute pictures we snapped Sunday morning before heading out the door.
Sunday, November 7, 2010 Joel Kyle Vissers was formally dedicated to the Lord in a service at Calvary Chapel Needles. 

Last Wednesday we enjoyed a beautiful day.  We enjoyed story time at the public library.  We headed to the park for a nice picnic with some friends.  Kaila and Lotus helped Abe burn off some energy.  More friends stopped by in the afternoon.  And to top it off we finished off the evening working on a good ol’ homework assignment.