Down in Indiana we celebrated Daddy's birthday along with the boys birthdays too.  
And I'll try to post about Joel's FIRST birthday very soon.
I thought a replay of part of our dinner conversation tonight might bring a smile to your face.  It sure brought joy to my heart.

A: Daddy, you're a princess?
M: No, Daddy's my prince.
A: Mommy, you're a princess?  I will have a princess?  And Joel will have his own princess?
M: Yes son.
A:  Will she love me?
M: Yes son.
A: I will protect her.  [pause].  And provide for her.  [pause].  And point her to God.

Yes, that came out of the mouth of my soon-to-be-three year old.  God is good.  What a blessing.
July is a busy month at our house: our anniversary, three birthdays, our trip and whatever else falls in btwn.  Here is just a quick preview of some of the pictures to come.