Today is Abe's second birthday!  Hooray for Abe!  We were going to do our birthday celebration this morning with breakfast, but to be honest, Josh and I both slept in until the boys woke up.  So instead we did our celebration this afternoon.  It works just the same.

We decorated while Abe was napping.  When he woke up he was surprised with all the "cool" decorations, "cake" with candles, a couple of presents from Grandma and Grandpa and a phone call from London.  Josh and I started a new tradition that we hope to carry on.  We each wrote a special letter for Abe and read it to him as he ate his ice cream.  We want to continue to do that each year and I'll keep them all together for each of them in a special binder.

Abe was pretty excited about his CARS movie and all the balloons.  Take a look.




A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Daddy's 30th birthday!  I didn't post any pictures before but here are a couple of Abe and Josh with the cupcakes we made for Josh to take with to church.
Some of the families from church have brought us dinners over this past week.  I'm not sure any of them actually ever look at this, but in case they do, I want to publicly extend a big thank you to them!  

I'm so thankful that I've felt pretty good pretty soon after both the boys were born, but especially with Daddy being sick a couple of days and having extra loads of laundry and Mom trying to recuperate and not run myself down too much 

We recently picked up Larry Burkett’s book Debt Free Living.  One of the major themes within this book is the one that buying “too much house” is one of the major financial downfalls for young couples.  While we are thankful for the advice and wisdom we got and that we didn’t get ourselves into more trouble, a book like Mind Your Own Mortgage by Robert J. Bernabe would have been helpful before we purchased our house.  It has helped me to better understand the world of mortgages and what we should and should not do if we ever buy another or refinance.

 Many of us as Americans look at prices and compare, but when comparing mortgages we don’t want to just compare the monthly payment.  That could end up costing you and me both a lot of money.  But sometimes we don’t know what to look at or how to compare, especially when different lenders have different fees and such.  This book will teach you what to compare and how you can do a well-rounded comparison.  There are also corresponding forms and tools to help you learn the process on the website (but, to be honest, I haven’t spent a ton of time checking them out).

 Unless you have a paid for home, or have really studied and understand the world of home mortgages I would recommend this book.  A home is the biggest purchase many of us will ever make.  It can be a blessing or it can be a burden.  Arm yourself with knowledge and understand what you are doing before you jump in (or jump in, again) or refinance.

 This book was provided complimentary to me by Thomas Nelson for review.  http://booksneeze.com/blogger/resources/9781595550880

Joel had his first visit with the doctor today.  When we weighed him this morning he was down one once, so only 10 lbs 15 oz, but, sure enough, everything is looking good.  

We had a really bad first experience with another pediatrician for Abe's first appointment, but I am so happy with this pediatrician.  So today, one of the many things I'm thankful for is a good pediatrician who doesn't treat us with disdain or disrespect, but actually gives us respect as our child's parents.
I should be sleeping, but my mind keeps going, so lucky you, I'll post more pictures and give a short update.  Abe continues to be a great big brother, but poor big brother was sick over the night and poor Daddy was sick today.  Hopefully Daddy will be feeling better tomorrow.  I think they each had the same thing I had Wednesday.

We had a few visitors today which was very nice.  But otherwise it was a laid back day, attempting to rest and recuperate. 
Baby Joel is here.  Wow, it went quickly!  One minute I was thinking ok, this really is labor. I should wake Josh.  The next minute my body is screaming at me to push.  Daddy was a little freaked out and was on the phone with the midwife trying not to panic, but he did great, mom is doing well and baby Joel is safely here.  God is good.
Josh got a very nice plant from our church after his surgery.  Joel got some very nice flowers.  Abe's favorite part is the frog.