...really it was more like a 15 minute cool-down.
Eden--a delightful place.  The name comes from the Garden of Eden.  The place God first had Adam and Eve.  Right where God wanted them.  The very place where they knew God most intimately.  The Garden of Eden was filled with beauty and hard work.

Gladys--a life fully surrendered to God.  Gladys Aylward was a life given to God.  She was originally from London, but felt a call to go to China.  During war time she led many orphaned children to safety on a treacherous, exhausting, long journey through the mountains.  Before that, she calmed a

At about 10 minutes to four this morning (Sunday, May 27, 2012) my water broke.  It gushed and gushed again.  I let Daddy know right away this time.  Nothing else seemed to be happening but Daddy and I got up to get some more things done. I needed to wash the sheets, which reminded me I might as well try to do all the laundry or at least some of it.  Daddy started getting the pool filled with air so we can fill it when it is ready.

Joel awoke around 5:15 and Abe around 6:15.  Grandma and Grandpa picked them up at about 7:30 and they were all going to head to Gpa & Gma’s church.

Daddy headed to walmart for a new pool because he discovered ours wasn’t holding air.

Martha came around 8am to check the heart beat.   She’s very excited!    You are located very low in mom.  Your heartbeat is about 135.

Mom finished folding and putting away another load of laundry, remaking the bed, and tried to take a nap.  Dad read up a little bit in some of the birth books.

Then all afternoon past.  Mom showered and “prettied up.”  Dad did some things, we went for a walk, looked for things to do around the house, ate, listened to sermons and went for another walk.

During the night Mom’s water gushed again. I could tell things were starting to progress a little tiny bit and I had some mild back contractions.

Mom thought more progress would come during the night so had to battle that a little bit in the morning but decided God gave her this extra time she needed to spend it for Him.  She did a t-tapp MORE workout thinking maybe a little alignment would help and spent the morning praying.

Martha came around 10am to check on things.  Baby seems to slowly be turning to the center.  I’m dilated to about 4 cm and “all mushy.” She couldn’t find the heartbeat at first, but once she did it sounds good and increased just like it should after Martha pressed on Mom’s belly and kind of moved things around.  Mom could definitely feel things contracting after that and has been a little more uncomfortable this afternoon.  The midwife also suggested we consider trying some things like castor oil or enemas to get things happening.  We really weren’t sure how we felt about that but trusted God to show us what to do.  

In the meantime, we decided to go visit the boys and Grandma & Grandpa.  It was nice to see them.  Mom was definitely a little more uncomfortable there than she had been earlier in the day.  On the way over Mom and Dad talked about the 3 day principle and how life came on the third day.  We wonder if perhaps that is what God is doing with you, Little Eden?  After our visit, mom felt very fatigued and wanted to head home to take a nap.  We decided against any extra help and to just wait on the LORD.  His timing was perfect and I got to enjoy a nice 2 hour nap!

After my nap I remember writing to Eden a little bit more, suggesting around 5pm that Dad throw the supper in the oven, looking up scripture about waiting on the LORD and around 6pm showering up. 

After showering, I told Josh I thought things were starting.  I had a contraction while getting ready after the shower.  The pain was not intense, but it was all the right muscles.  We sat on the couch, grabbed our natural childbirth book (I still hadn’t read up on the emotional signposts), and the stopwatch. 

I remember getting a text message from my friend Andrea Wade around 6:15 asking if things had progressed.  I started to say not much had changed, but had another contraction right about 10 minutes after the last.  So I changed my reply and let her know I thought things were happening.  We also let the midwife know.

Things progressed and not too long later the contractions were coming more frequently—about 5 minutes apart.  When Martha arrived we were sitting on the couch, and I could tell her I was still not in hard labor because I was still “lighthearted.”

Around 8:30 I got up, used the bathroom and decided to move to the bedroom and trying laying down to relax.  That actually slowed things down.  I wasn’t really having contractions while lying down so after maybe 10 or so minutes (I really have no idea of that time) I decided to get up and I really just felt like walking around.  I walked between the kitchen, the bathroom and occasionally the bedroom.  Things were coming way more frequently now—about 1 minute apart.  I would stand resting against the wall and sway my body, praising God with each contraction.  I could walk from about the refrigerator to the garage door between a contraction or the garage door to the bathroom. 

I don’t remember when I got into the pool, but I remember I was leary about getting in because I was worried I would get in too early and/or need to use the restroom again after getting it.  Neither of which was actually a problem once I got in.  The frequency slowed down once I was in.  I could feel things changing shortly before I was ready to push.  Dad read some scripture to me between contractions.

I have no idea what time I started pushing at although it didn’t seem like too terribly long of a time period when I was pushing.  And before we knew here you were. 

The cord was wrapped around your neck though.  You were covered in vernix.  And you weren’t wailing immediately.  Martha got the cord off right away, rubbed your back and “roughed you up” to stimulate you.  You wailed, mom check the clock. Mom started bleeding (we think from a tug on the cord as she was taking it apart), Dad prayed.  We moved us all to the bed and Dad prayed for us again, made sure we were all right and set to work either cleaning things up or getting me some popcorn (I’m not sure which came first). 

Of course, mom hardly slept a wink.  How could I.  Think of all that excitement.  And around 2 or 3 am, I had to wake up Dad because I was SO hungry.  Dad brought me the rest of my hamburger I didn’t finish at lunch, some applesauce and string cheese.  It was delicious!  That’s all I remember for right now.

Eden hasn't taken quite to nursing like her brothers did.  Or at least as I remember it.  She's a sleepy little girl, and it seems like maybe it is a cycle.  Not eat enough, be sleepy.  Be sleepy, not want to wake to eat more.  And she hasn't perfected the latch, so we've had some painful moments.  But we put our eyes on Christ and He is the answer and He supplies the answer.  So...we tried a couple expressed bottles today.  It as nice to see how much she took and have a little relief from the pain. And she's starting to get it down a little better too.
As I sit here typing, my little girl just took a full feeding.  It didn’t hurt this time either.  My boys are fast asleep.  And dad is quietly playing his song on the guitar.  There is much to be thankful for. 

The boys climbed onto my bed to be by Little Sister first thing in the morning.