Thanks for those of you who have been voting.  It is just kind of fun to see what people think.  So far it has been an unanimous early, mostly boy and well...the name suggestions have been a little lacking in general.

If you haven't voted and want to scroll down a bit and let us know!
In the last week Abe's vocabulary has been noticeably expanding.  Last Saturday we were working outside, working on the pool and the like and Abe kept saying "I want in."  Since then he's been saying:
  • I want in/out
  • I want to walk
  • Look!
  • Nap
  • Bug
  • Thank you Dad/Mom
  • And of course, other things and the same old things from before.  But it just seems he's added a whole new page of words to his vocab.
And yes, we eventually did get in and splash around.
We like to listen to music.  Sometimes we make up our own songs (although I'd be embarassed if you ever heard me singing them!)  Sometimes we listen to Wee Sing.  Sometimes we listen to Mom and Dad's CDs.  Sometimes we listen to Daddy play the guitar (one of our favorites!).  But one thing I've been wanting for a while is another scripture memory CD.  We have the Seeds of Courage CD.  It is fun for Abe and I like it too.  They've got a a few different "Seeds of..." CDs, then I've heard that the Songs for Saplings CDs are good scripture CDs too, but today I found a CD that I think would be great to listen to!  Lindsey at PassionateHomemaking is having a God's Word from A to Z giveaway.  I listened to some of the song samples and the songs definitely seemed to fit the good for mom and kids category.  If you are interested in the cd or the giveaway head over to her site and check it out.  I think this might be one I save up for...or maybe I could use my swagbucks...I

    Boy or Girl?

Words fail me as I try to express my thoughts and emotions about our best man.  Last Wednesday, Kyle, a dear friend and brother of ours took his last breath.  His body had been battling leukemia for the past 10 months.  Josh had his plane tickets to visit Kyle this week, but instead got to worship the Lord and celebrate the life Kyle had on earth with his family and many of his friends.

I have so many fond memories of Kyle.  Stories of looking for scratch.  Listening to them play music as I did the dishes.  Deep conversations.  Adventures through the mountains and the desert.  Even working together with him at Desert Valley.  But Kyle was genuine.  He was strong and raw.  Yet he had a sweet, tender kindness to him too.  

Kyle, thank you for your friendship.  Thank you for your inspiration.  May I become more like Christ because I knew you.  We miss you dear friend and look forward to the day we will see you again worshiping the One True Lord.