Grandma and Grandpa have been such a blessing to us, especially this week. I don't know what I would have done without them!  From a sleepover that turned into a week at Grandma and Grandpa's, to bringing over lunch for a hungry momma and of course, letting us eat supper and then dash away with a crying baby before helping clean up.  THANK YOU Grandma and Grandpa for all your help this week!
May Day was our first visit to the beach this year.  Adam, Josh's cousin, spent a day with us on his way through.  Joel moved to sleeping in a big bed.  And Abe the boys got to play games at the Literacy Fair at Dad's school.  Of course, May also welcomed Eden, but I'm sure I'll try to give her several of her own posts.
Here's a photo from Sunday afternoon and the quick version of the birth story.  

My water broke Sunday morning.  We spent Sunday and Monday trying to accomplish things and not think about the fact that labor wasn't happening.

Monday night, labor started around 6:15.  Things progressed quickly.  Eden joined us at 10:25 pm.

A longer version for those interested may be coming shortly, we'll see.  ;-)

Eden Gladys Vissers
May 28, 2012
10:25 pm
7 lbs 11 oz
19.5 inches