Today, apparently, was leap year AND team day.
And just a reminder that my boys like to climb...
I've gotten way behind on here.  You've probably given up staying up-to-date with our family.  Here's a quick flashback to the last month and a half.
*We found out "It's a girl!"  She has been affectionately named Little Sister by her biggest brother.  We had a great day in Vegas with a friend of mine getting the ultrasound.  If I figure out how, I might post the video...but would you really care to see what might appear to be blurry movement?  The boys enjoy watching though!
*Grandma and Grandpa from Minnesota sold their house and, SURPRISE, are moving in 9 miles from us.  
*Josh finished up another basketball season'--"the most fun I've had yet"--are his words to describe this season.
*Josh has been doing some more teaching at church. 
*My day to day stuff is full of joy and smiles but kind of mundane to talk about.  Still lots of room for improvement and for the Lord to teach and shape me.  (neverending).  Joel shows that he's ready to start with potty training.  I'm waiting for timing.  I've also discovered that we think I am hypoglycemic (low blood sugar).  It's something I probably always have, but pregnancy, perhaps exaggerates it.  So I've been learning about that and shift my habits so they control and regulate that more effectively.