Now, tomorrow Joel will be 7 months already, but I thought you might enjoy this picture I took when he celebrated 6 months.
And a couple more...


Dani Jo
02/22/2011 1:19pm

Look at those photography skills! Those are all good pictures, but the first one looks like you spent hours trying to get him to pose just right, yet I know that isn't the case!
Happy 7-months to one of my favorite nephews!

Grandma S
02/22/2011 3:39pm

I agree with Dani Jo. Cute pictures, as always!

Grandma S
02/22/2011 3:41pm

Thanks for posting the pics! I bet you're all getting excited for the OTHER Grandma Terri to visit! I'm envious, but sure she's very excited too! Have fun everybody!


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