Joel is two weeks old today!  We had another doc appt this am.  I was glad to see that he is up to 11 pounds 9 ounces.  And his length is 22.5 inches.  I'd tell you what percentile that is, but I'm pretty sure it is off the chart...  They tried to check his hearing again.  That didn't go so well.  They use a little thing sort of like the digital thermometers that go in your ears, but he does NOT like those little things in his ears.  They try and he cries.    Doctor Barton tried to hold Abe while the nurse did the test (thinking it would help keep him quiet).  Abe did not like that and he let the doctor know.  The doctor made some comment about one being strong-willed just like the other.  I don't know where they would get that from?Otherwise all things seemed good.

After the doctor's office we headed to Target.  A lady asked me if I'd mind if she let her children take a look at the baby.  (She obviously had one of her own on the way).  We got to talking, she asked where we had the baby, and came to find out that she uses a midwife in the same office as our midwife!  They'd actually been all loaded up to head up for her appt when they got a call not to come, because another mom was having contractions 1 minute apart.  She gave me her contact info and stuff because there aren't necessarily a lot of other people on this side of the state that choose to have their babies the way we did.

In other news, while I've had a hard time getting going this morning and would love to take a little break to go play outside or go for a walk, it is just too hot.  But it was cooler a couple nights last week so we rushed to get in a walk outside before it was too hot.  Abe was pretty excited, Joel didn't really care one way or another, but I chose to snap a pic of his "first walk" anyways.


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