My goal this morning was to make a couple batches of cookies, granola and granola bars.  I set out all my ingredients on the kitchen table this morning.  At the time, I was thinking they would all be put away in just a short while.  My ingredients are still sitting on the kitchen table.  I have not gotten any of the above mentioned done.  I should be working on them now. But instead I am sitting here with this handsome little fellow...
Wondering why nearly ten hours later my cookies still aren't bake.  Well, other than the fact that right now I'm playing with Joel and typing this post, it has something to do with the fact, that my oldest son had a rather untypical day.  He displayed much more naughtiness than his mother likes, that is for sure. He was taking toys and even pushing one of his little friends this morning.  The pushing was done good natured-ly, but still not ok and not something I want to see him repeating.  Nap time was a tear-wrencher today and he didn't actually go down for his nap til just a while ago this evening (of course, right as Joel is waking from his).  Oh, and this is one of other reasons...
Yes, that is my son, hiding his face from you because he's very quickly managed to dump handfuls of baking soda all around him.  Oh, the joys...


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