Pics 1  & 3  The family shortly after Joel's birth.
Pic 2  Our wonderful midwife with Baby Joel.
Pic 4 (below)  Daddy and our new big little baby.

A Boy!



Announcing Joel Kyle Vissers.  
Born 7:22 am after a quick labor and some shoulder dystocia we're happy to meet him finally!  
Here are some stats:
11 lbs
21 inches
15 3/4 head circumference
16 chest
More to come later... 
A friend snapped this photo at church tonight.
Yes, today is/was the due date.  And no, while the day is not over yet, there is still no appearance of Baby.  Abe was late (2 days or 10 days, depending on the OB or the midwife due date), but still I don't think any of us really expected us to get to the due date this time.  

Bok! Bok!


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When we eat chicken Abe usually says "Bok!  Bok!" Like the chicken.  It is pretty funny.  Tonight we had some popcorn chicken and instead of asking for "More, please"  or "chicken," he'd hold out his hand and say "Bok!"  
I'd been working on some sewing projects when I ran into an obstacle with my sewing machine.  This week it finally got fixed (don't ask me how, only the good Lord knows!) and I was able to finish some of the projects up.  I was able to make a couple of blankets/sheets for the pack 'n play, reusable nursing pads, a maternity shirt and a basketball similar to Abe's football from Jackie and Crew.  Abe thinks the basketball is pretty cool and hopefully new baby will too; if it is a girl, I'd like to try to make a strawberry.  We'll see what this week ends up looking like and/or whether or not Baby is a girl or a boy.  (I'm going to post a pic of the basketball, but I need to upload first, so hopefully in the next day or two.)
For any of you who might keep checking in to see if Baby is here yet, no you didn't miss it.  And no, we haven't forgotten to update.  Since Baby isn't here yet, we did schedule another appt with the midwife.  No new news to report though.  Basically we expected a report somewhat like this, "You are big and baby will be here soon."  That is what we got.  I woke up this morning thinking maybe today was the day, but now am feeling extremely "normal."  I guess we'll do some more cleaning and make cupcakes for Daddy's birthday.
Happy 4th of July!  We've been enjoying a weekend with temps under 110, swimming a plenty, a pizza luncheon at church and plenty of sun (and sunscreen!).
Thursday Josh and I celebrated our 4th anniversary.  I grow more in love with him each year that passes.  We actually had a relatively busy day scheduled and didn't have any plans that were too special besides to enjoy each others company.  Grandma and Grandpa sent us a special gift to go out to dinner though so since that is what it was for, we did just that!  We enjoyed a nice dinner at Oriol's and then had leftovers for lunch Friday.  Yay for leftovers too!